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How to Personalize your Rental


Losing your Deposit!!


Renting can definitely have its perks but finding ways to decorate and make the best use of the space can be difficult. We know it can be trickier for renters to create a space that is truly their own while still ensuring the security deposit is waiting for them when they do leave. So below we have listed some simple decorating and storage ideas that residents can use to make their place feel like a true Home Sweet Home.



Add curtains. You didn’t chose the standard blinds but you can hide them!


Try removable wallpaper. Yes, this stuff exists. It was first made for movie sets,

but now there are dozens of choices.


Turn bookshelves into focal points. Whether you’re adding patterned paper to the shelf

backings or painting the furniture itself, Big impact for little effort.


Put up a colorful memo board to your entryway.

A great place to put reminders, mail, phontos & keys.


Add Window planter boxes for pops of color and an added productivity boost!


Storage can always be a concern so add storage with multi-function items

like bar carts, rolling kitchen islands and ottomans with hidden compartments.


Add a area rug for an instant color pop or to draw all your color choices together!

A large rug completely covers imperfect floors (and protects them, too).


Paint one piece or coordinating pieces of furniture with a

surprising pop of color to make an area standout.


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