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Services & Software

Property Management Services


Clear & Concise Property Management provides outstanding full service solutions. Our team prides themselves on providing exceptional service and we handle all aspects of the property management process from locating qualified new tenant for a vacant unit to helping with any tenants related concerns you may be experiencing.


24 Hour response times for all emergency needs

Bill pay online for tenants to make rent payments

Owners will have the rent direct deposited to their accounts

Access your account online 24/7

Scheduled Maintenance to prevent costly repairs

Marketing and advertising services

Exterior & Interior Inspections included

Lease enforcement is included

Tenants can easily submit a maintenance request online



Utilizing Leading Technology


At Clear & Concise Property Management, we believe in going to the highest levels of service for our clients to provide both our clients and residents with above board service and quality. That is why we have invested in the latest technology to help us manage your property efficiently. We have chosen the web based accounting/property management software from Buildium currently one of the leading software systems available. It provides exceptional benefits to our office in allowing us to condense our processes to increase efficiency and productivity. In turn, we are able to share these benefits with our clients by:


  • Responding quickly and offering exceptional service for residents and owners alike.

  • Access to data securely 24/7 from any location about all properties.

  • Private records are regularly backed up and stored safely in a quality data center that is routinely and automatically backed up.

  • Saving both paper & time with the use of email to send owner statements monthly.

  • Organizing statements in a Clear & Concise layout which details all the statistics about each property for the preceding month. These monthly statements can also be accessed on a secure owner portal.

  • Responding to maintenance requests more efficiently.

  • Paying clients automatically each month.

  • Depositing owners distribution directly into owner's bank accounts using ACH deposit payments.

  • Marketing your property to stand out to potential renters for quick renting.

  • Buildium's Software allows us to advertise each property professionally on the Clear & Concise company website, Craigslist, and other locations on the Internet.

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