Renters Insurance Required

Clear & Concise Property Management Requires Renters Insurance on All Properties!

Most Tenant(s) think is to protect the Owner - Well yes, it does that AND SO MUCH MORE! 

See below just some of the ways Renters Insurance can help the TENANT(s) TOO!!


Many renters aren't aware they can insure their personal possessions! Renters insurance is available to any renter regardless of the type of property rented, including apartments and townhomes, mobile homes, duplexes and larger, and single family homes.


Here's a concise look at the benefits of renters insurance and how you can go about getting the

proper amount of insurance just for you!


Cost of Replacement:

First take a quick inventory of your belongings, even just mentally, and assigned a price tag to what you own, you might be surprised at the total

that arrises quickly. Even if you feel like you don't own anything of value, minor possessions can add up to a dollar figure that might cause

hardship to occur if you were forced to replace it all at one time.

Fortunately, renters insurance fairly in-expensive, and compared to writing a check to replace all your possessions it becomes a fairly

insignificant monthly cost.

Determining how much coverage:

When purchasing renters insurance, there are a few steps you should take and some things you should keep in mind along the way. Including of course getting multiple quotes and shopping the interne but also...Bundling for Savings ~ Bundling insurance products is a great way to save money, and keeps you insured through a single provider. If you already have automobile/motorcycle insurance, contact your insurance broker for a quick quote on renters insurance. The savings can be often offset the cost of having MORE COVERAGE!! 

Consider the Deductible

The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay before any insurance money will be kicked in to cover a claim. The higher or lower this amount reflects directly to the premium amount. This is a choice you can discuss with your Insurance Agent. 


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